Everything we sell is,
and will always be,
made in Japan

Our formulas are not,
and will never be,
sold under any other brand name
We source ingredients
from small, independent
suppliers whenever possible 


We’re honored to have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Journal & WWD, among others.

Shodai is a men’s grooming brand that launched in 2016 – but our values have been around for generations.

Hello! For several years, I traveled more than I sat still, and along the way I tried one men’s grooming brand after another, never finding one I truly loved. It was a strange situation to be in: I had a favorite brand of everything – shoes, watch, car, even milk – but facial care? Nope. I liked a few products, but loved none of them.

Then I moved to Japan, and stumbled upon a community of scientists and small manufacturers that talked about natural, local ingredients like they were old friends. Suddenly, everything clicked. Together, we developed a face wash and a moisturizer, based on the idea that traditional Japanese skin care ingredients in use for centuries could be combined with the latest in skincare technology & know-how. There was nothing similar on the market, so we called the brand Shodai, which means “first generation” in Japanese.

Using ingredients such as hiba oil & onsen water may make our products unique, but they’re not just different for the sake of it – every ingredient is there to play a specific role.

Our products are made here in Japan, in small batches, by a team dedicated to advancing skincare while drawing on and respecting the past.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We’re just getting started, and are happy to have you with us from the beginning.