Buying Shodai

Where can I buy Shodai products?

On this website. For the moment, that’s all. If you see Shodai for sale in a shop or somewhere else online, something shady is going on.

Why can’t I order more than 5 of each product?

We are proud to produce Shodai in small batches. We cap orders at 5 per product so that we can manage our limited inventory and make sure there’s enough for everyone.


Where do you ship?

Just the USA at the moment. We know! That’s not nearly enough. We have our sights on Europe next, and are working through the piles of EU paperwork.

How do you ship?

Directly from our office in Japan, to you, via air mail. In a nice cardboard box!

How much is shipping?

Postage costs $5 no matter how much you order. If you want to add tracking information to the package, tack on $4, which is exactly what it costs us.

Is the Japanese postal service reliable?

Very. If there was an international award for postal services, they would probably win it, and then ship it to themselves.

How long does delivery take?

Usually about a week; a bit longer during holiday periods. We ship within 1-2 business days of receiving orders.

What about tax and customs fees?

Because we are shipping directly from Japan to you, you don’t have to pay any Japanese tax at all. In the unlikely event that Uncle Sam tries to charge you tax or customs fees upon arrival, unfortunately those would be your responsibility.

The Brand Name & Logo

What does Shodai mean?

It means “first generation” in Japanese.

How do you pronounce Shodai?

Show-die” Show as in “show me how to dance” and die as in “don’t let our love die!”

Could you tell me about the “A” and the red thingy in your logo?

This is not really a frequently asked question. Actually, no one has ever asked. But ahem, please let us tell you anyway! The stroke in the “A” is the Japanese character for “one.” And the characters in the red mark to the right of the “I” say “SHODAI” in Japanese, and are read from top to bottom. And now you know.